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Wapiti Labs Graybeard – Large Dog Senior Mobility, Recuperate & Antler Chew Basket

Wapiti Labs Graybeard – Large Dog Senior Mobility, Recuperate & Antler Chew Basket

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Whether your pup is small and spry or if your beloved graybeard is slowing down, Wapiti Labs gift baskets are the perfect gift for your dogs! Puppy need something new to chew on besides your shoes? Is your older dog starting to slow down due to lack of energy or achy joints? We have something for all ages and sizes of dogs, and can help them feeling like normal again!

These limited time baskets are geared so specifically, your pup will think you personally put them together according to their liking and needs!

Limited Edition Graybeard  – Includes the following 

  • 2 – Senior Mobility Trial Packs with Elk Velvet Antler
    • Helps support joint flexibility and mobility for dogs in the second stage of life
    • Senior Mobility is for the dog that needs more energy
    • It supports liver, kidneys, and the immune system
    • Pets affected by cold, damp weather
    • Pets that resist climbing stairs
  • Recuperate Herbal Formula for Dogs


    • Recovery Support
    • Occasional Inflammation
    • Soreness
    • Supports the natural healing process
  • 8″ Whole Hard Elk Antler Chew (Large Dog)


    • From ranch-raised elk—tested annually and free of Chronic Wasting Disease and Tuberculosis.
    • Due to the freshness of our antlers, they rarely splinter, which makes them safe for your pet to chew.
    • Elk Antler Chews typically last much longer than rawhide.
    • The marrow acts like a natural toothbrush
  • Wapiti Labs Poop Bag Dispenser and Poop Bags 
  • Blanket
  • Collapsible Bowl
  • Basket
  • Custom Greeting Card – (Please comment in the notes when checking out,  if you would like us to fill out the greeting card, or if you want it left blank)

Why Do Puppies Chew?

Puppies chew to relieve the pain of incoming teeth. They continue to chew on things to keep their jaws strong and teeth clean as they get older. Chewing is also a natural way of combating boredom and even relieving mild anxiety or frustration. It is similar to the way some people chew their fingernails.

If chewing is one of your dog’s favorite activities, then she needs an introduction to our Elk Antler Chews for Dogs. 

Chew Types for Every Dog

Do you have the kind of dog who loves to chew on anything? And, if your dog is like our dogs, her preferences are particular. Does she like a split chew or a whole chew? Or maybe she refuses anything but the toughest toy or chew.

Wapiti Labs offers a wide variety of humanely harvested Elk Antler Chews that are not only okay to chew on but healthy too!

Not intended for human consumption

Caution: Dog should be supervised while chewing on this antler. Please take away from the pet if antler presents choking hazard or if the antler starts to splinter. Remove the antler if your dog is becoming too aggressive with its gnawing to avoid dental fractures.

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