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Magic Coat Professional Series Palm Flea Comb for Dogs

Magic Coat Professional Series Palm Flea Comb for Dogs

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The Magic Coat Professional Series features premium multi-purpose pet grooming tools for a salon-like experience right at home. Designed for grooming comfort and expert efficiency, the Palm Flea Comb easily removes fleas, flea eggs, and dander from your pet's coat. The contoured grip offers precision and control while the tightly placed teeth effectively pick up pests for simple dog flea removal. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach areas. This small flea comb is ideal for all coat types. CONTOURED GRIP - Comfort-hold dog flea comb offers ultimate control|DEPENDABLE PEST REMOVAL - Effectively captures pests and their eggs|TIGHTLY PLACED TEETH - Extra-fine teeth easily remove pests in common areas including jaw, neck, and rear|COMPACT SIZE - Dog comb for fleas reaches all areas of dog's body|COAT TYPES - Flea removal tool is ideal for all coats

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