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Magic Coat Professional Series Love Glove Dog Grooming Mitt

Magic Coat Professional Series Love Glove Dog Grooming Mitt

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The Magic Coat Professional Series features premium multi-purpose pet grooming tools for a salon-like experience right at home. The Love Glove Grooming Mitt easily lifts debris and excess hair from your pet's coat while massaging the skin. The flexible rubber bristles are gentle on sensitive areas and massage the skin with every stroke, giving your dog a therapeutic grooming experience while strengthening the bond between you and your best friend. Featuring an adjustable strap that makes it perfect for any hand size, this pet glove brush is also made with breathable fabric to keep your hand cool during grooming. Plus, this multi-use dog groom glove lifts hair from furniture, carpets, and fabric. The Love Glove is ideal for all coat types. LONG RUBBER BRISTLES - Remove loose hair while gently massaging|THERAPEUTIC GROOMING - Groom glove for dogs contours to pet's body to maximize comfort|BREATHABLE FABRIC - Helps hand stays cool and comfortable as you groom|ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Pet grooming glove brush includes adjustable strap to fit any hand|COAT TYPES - Pet grooming glove is ideal for all coats

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