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K9 Granola

K9 Granola Green Bean Chips 5oz

K9 Granola Green Bean Chips 5oz

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K9 Granola Factory?s Green Bean Chips are dog treats that are loved by all. They are the perfect light, healthy snack for dogs on the go. These dehydrated chips contain only four ingredients, making them a simple yet delicious treat. These crunchy snacks are the number one seller in our Natural Chips Collection. Green bean dog treats like our Chips provide the benefits of green beans, in a portion-controlled snack. Green beans are sometimes recommended for pups who need to manage their weight, as they are high in fiber and low in calories. Green beans also provide iron and valuable vitamins for your pup. Our green bean chips are the ideal snack for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Want the benefits of green beans in a ready to eat? Then try our Green Bean Chips for your canine friend! We won?t blame you if you eat some of these chips too!

Key Benefits:
Wheat Corn & Soy Free
Satisfying Crunchy Texture
Made in the USA

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