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Crumps Naturals

Crumps Natural Sweet Potato Fries-4.8 oz

Crumps Natural Sweet Potato Fries-4.8 oz

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For pet parents looking for a fun snack great for their small dog or puppy, our sweet potato fries are the best dog treats for them. These treats are fully vegetarian, offering dogs with meat allergies a treat that they will absolutely love.

All the benefits of our sweet potato chews but cut smaller for versatility. Perfect for small dogs, puppies and senior dogs. An all-natural single ingredient, grain-free treat made from only NON-GMO sweet potatoes. These are a healthy dog treat that acts like a chew with a sweet juicy taste that dogs love. Made in Canada with only the finest quality, specially chosen sweet potatoes from North Carolina, the sweet potato capital of the world, we gently bake them to retain their nutritional value. Our minimal processing ensures the vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene and high fiber stay intact for the benefit of your dog also promoting a healthy digestive system.

One Ingredient
Made in Canada
Great Vegetarian & Vegan Option
Great Hypo-Allergenic Option

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